Welcome to the AMPA Awards Program

Our awards program celebrates mini pigs and their owners.  We want to award those pigs that our getting out into the community with their owners.  Pigs with special skills, talents, or incredible trick abilities can earn recognition with our awards. 

Training and socializing our pigs is so essential for successful pig ownership.  Getting our pigs out and into the community enriches their lives, while creating opportunities to educate on the realities of pet pigs.  Hiking, biking, camping are great activities to involve your mini pigs.  

Community events such as parades, festivals, sporting events, library visits can be a great way to introduce your pig to new people while busting the myths of the teacup pig and sharing the facts of owning mini pigs.  Therapy pet visits at nursing homes, schools, children’s events can be so enriching for you, your pig, and the guests that you visit.   

Does your pig paint,  is he or she a water baby who loves the pool or rivers we want you to earn your award for excellence.  So we know not every pig is a go getter.  That’s okay, we have a couch potato award for you.  Find your pig’s award program below  by scrolling over the images.  We will want to see all the award certificates that your pig can earn!