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  • Mini pig hanging treat ball
    Mini Pig Hanging Treat Ball

    Mini pig hanging treat ball is an excellent enrichment activity.  Fill the ball with healthy leafy greens, grass hay or vegetables.  Hanging the treat ball eliminates the ball rolling…

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  • mini pig bobble toy
    Mini Pig Bobble Toy

    Mini Pig Bobble Toy.  Great enrichment activity for bored mini pigs.  You can use pellets to encourage more movement at mealtime.  The mini pig bobble toy will challenge and…

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  • Mini pig feeder ball
    Mini Pig Feeder Ball

    Mini pig feeder ball.  Mini pig enrichment.  Great for slow feeding.  Encourages movement for pig’s that need weight loss or maintenance.  The mini pig feeder ball is adjustable and…

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  • Mini pig enrichment toy
    Mini Pig Enrichment Toy

    Mini pig enrichment toy.  Great for slow feeding.  Encourages movement in pigs that need weight maintenance or weight loss.  Keeps our mini pigs challenged.  The mini pig enrichment toy…

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  • Sale! mini pig rooting mat
    Mini Pig Rooting Mat-Circle

    Mini pig rooting mat-circle is an excellent enrichment activity.  Feed your pig’s meals/pellets from the mat for rooting and nudging fun as they forage for their food. Origin: Mainland China…

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  • Mini Pig Rooting Ball

    Mini Pig Rooting Ball.  Great for feeding meals for added movement.  Fun enrichment activity for bored pigs.  Rooting balls are fun.  Great aids for weight loss if you have…

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  • Mini pig treat launcher
    Mini Pig Treat Launcher

    Mini pig treat launcher.  Who doesn’t need one?  We all launch a treat occasionally.  This mini pig treat launcher can be used to launch rewards during training sessions.  Great…

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  • mini pig traing b
    Mini Pig Training Bag Hands Free

    Mini pig training bag hands free.  Room for your phone, treats, water, keys while you enjoy a walk or hike with your mini pig.  Mini pig training bag hands…

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  • mini pig sleeping bag
    Mini Pig Sleeping Bag

    Mini pig sleeping bag.  Portable sleeping bag for your overnight adventures.  Camping with your mini pig out in nature or in the living room. This mini pig sleeping bag…

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  • Mini pig sound buttons
    Mini Pig Sound Buttons

    Mini pig sound buttons.  Pre Recorded push to talk buttons for Yes, No, Sorry.  Easy to teach your mini pig how to talk using these prerecorded messages.  Find a…

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  • mini pig puzzle toy
    Mini Pig Puzzle Toy

    Mini pig puzzle toy.  Mini pigs love puzzles.  They are great enrichment.  Also a great way to feed meals.  Pre bedtime snacks given in a puzzle are sure to…

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  • mini pig snuffle mat rooting rug
    Mini Pig Snuffle Mat Rooting Rug

    Mini pig snuffle mat rooting rug.  Fun design!  Sprinkle with mini pig pellets, oats, unsalted air-popped popcorn for enrichment.  Also a great slow feeder for meals. Origin: Mainland China Is…

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