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Civilized PigsCivilized PigsCivilized pig

Civilized Pigs!  If your pig is well mannered, polite, and enjoys the finer things in life, then you have a civilized pig.  Pigs that enjoy riding in a car, visiting a store for a little shopping without a fuss are very well mannered.  Pigs that wait for their meals without throwing a fit are civilized pigs.  Does your pig sit when asked?  Have you taught some manners that work well in your home?  Your pig will qualify for this prestigious award.

If your pig could use some lessons to become more civilized, we can help with that.  We have a course for every pigs training needs.  You can learn the tips and tricks that will help your pig become more polite and well mannered.

Show us your well behaved baby to qualify for this exceptional award for Civilized Pigs.  Take some video of your pig being polite or well mannered.  If your pig follows basic cues for tricks that counts too.  Trips out in public are our favorite as we know the educational benefits that we can achieve when people meet our pigs.

You can share one video example with us or a compilation of several video examples.  Just upload your video to your favorite video hosting such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Vimeo, etc.  Then, enter the link in the form below.  If you aren’t video or tech savvy, that not a problem.  Complete the form below and your pig will earn that treasured award for Civilized Pig.

We cannot wait to see your pig’s achievements!

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