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Trick Pigs Level 2

Trick pigs

Welcome to trick pigs level 2!  If you have reached this level you must have achieved your pig’s award for trick pig level 1.  You can now move on to adding 3 new tricks to your first 2 tricks.  If you need inspiration or training tips for your next 5 tricks you can we have the training courses for you!

They have such a love for learning.  The bond you create while teaching tricks is one that cannot be described in words.  It’s just an unspoken connection that is deep and full of love.  This award is for those pig who have learned and practiced 5 tricks total.  The 2 tricks from level 1 do count towards this award.  Just add 3 new to your pig’s list.  Trick pig level 2 is impressive status!

Trick training is amazing enrichment for our pigs.  It improves your pig’s behavior, helps with sleep, and you will see better temperament overall.  It’s also fun and great stress relief for the owner.  Training with your pigs can improve your mental health and help with anxiety.

So what we need now is video or a compilation video of your pig preforming all 5 tricks.  Next upload the video to your favorite host such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Vimeo, etc.  Then copy and paste the video link into the form below.  If you are not a video pro, no worries just complete the form below.

Now you must take a picture of your pig as you present the award for Trick Pig Level 2.  Be sure to post it in your favorite pig owners group and on social media.  We can’t wait to see that proud trick pig!

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