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  • waterproof feeding mat
    Waterproof Feeding Mat

    Waterproof feeding mat.  What mini pig doesn’t tip the food and water bowls?  It’s almost a requirement.  This pet silicone waterproof feeding mat makes clean up easy. Item Type: Bed…

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  • mini pig cordless dremel tool
    Mini Pig Cordless Dremel Tool

    Mini pig cordless dremel tool.  This type of mini pig cordless dremel tool can be helpful with hoof trimming care.  With proper use, you can sand down excess hoof…

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  • mini pig kennel cover
    Mini Pig Kennel Cover

    Mini pig kennel cover.  Mini pigs love having their own space.  One way to provide that is by kennel or crate training and covering the kennel.  This provides a…

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  • mini pig portable food water
    Mini Pig Portable Food Water

    Mini pig portable food water.  This is great for adventures or walks.  Taking your mini pig out in the community.  You can easily offer water or food.  Mini pig…

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  • washable training pad
    Washable Training Pad

    Washable training pad are used by some mini pig owners as an option to disposable.  They are also great for pet area as a waterproof mat.  Can be used…

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  • Mini pig umbrella
    Mini Pig Umbrella

    Mini pig umbrella.  Mini pigs hate going out in the rain. With this umbrella, your mini pig can stay dry while you stay close.  30 inches in diameter.  This…

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  • Mini pig bath brush
    Mini Pig Bath Brush

    Mini pig bath brush.  Bathing our mini pigs can be a challenge.  This mini pig bath brush holds the soap, while massaging your pig.  Pair this with a mini…

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  • apple smart mini pig tracker
    Apple Smart Mini Pig Tracker

    Apple Smart Mini Pig Tracker.  GPS Tracker for your mini pig.  Clip to your mini pig’s harness.  Use iphone or ipad to track your mini pig’s movements and location. …

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  • Mini pig licking mat
    Mini Pig Licking Mat

    Mini pig licking mat.  This is a great tool for helping with baths, cleaning, brushing.  Keep your pig distracted during harness training.  Use peanut butter, coconut oil, and sticky,…

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  • Sale! mini pig lick mat
    Mini Pig Lick Mat

    Mini pig lick mat.  The mini pig lick mat is a helpful tool for bathing, brushing, cleaning your mini pig.  You can use a lick mat while harness training. …

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  • mini pig food measuring cup
    Mini Pig Food Measuring Cup

    Mini pig food measuring cup.  It is best to use a measuring cup when feeding your mini pig.  This mini pig food cup is the perfect combination of scale…

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  • mini pig electric dremel tool
    Mini Pig Electric 3-speed Dremel Tool

    Mini pig electric 3 speed dremel tool.  Dremel tools can be used to sand or smooth down excess hoof growth for your mini pig.  Practice before using on your…

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