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  • waterproof feeding mat
    Waterproof Feeding Mat

    Waterproof feeding mat.  What mini pig doesn’t tip the food and water bowls?  It’s almost a requirement.  This pet silicone waterproof feeding mat makes clean up easy. Item Type: Bed…

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  • mini pig trick keys
    Mini Pig Trick Keys

    Mini pig trick keys.  Who doesn’t love a pig that can start the key?  “Get your keys’ is an adorable mini pig trick.  You can learn to teach “get…

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  • Mini Pig Rooting Ball

    Mini Pig Rooting Ball.  Great for feeding meals for added movement.  Fun enrichment activity for bored pigs.  Rooting balls are fun.  Great aids for weight loss if you have…

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  • mini pig bobble toy
    Mini Pig Bobble Toy

    Mini Pig Bobble Toy.  Great enrichment activity for bored mini pigs.  You can use pellets to encourage more movement at mealtime.  The mini pig bobble toy will challenge and…

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  • plush pig
    Plush Pig

    Plush pig.  Cute pig stuffy.  Two sizes available.  Who can use another cute plush pig that is guaranteed to stay small.  This is a pig that your children and…

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  • Mini pig feeder ball
    Mini Pig Feeder Ball

    Mini pig feeder ball.  Mini pig enrichment.  Great for slow feeding.  Encourages movement for pig’s that need weight loss or maintenance.  The mini pig feeder ball is adjustable and…

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  • Mini pig enrichment toy
    Mini Pig Enrichment Toy

    Mini pig enrichment toy.  Great for slow feeding.  Encourages movement in pigs that need weight maintenance or weight loss.  Keeps our mini pigs challenged.  The mini pig enrichment toy…

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  • Mini pig treat launcher
    Mini Pig Treat Launcher

    Mini pig treat launcher.  Who doesn’t need one?  We all launch a treat occasionally.  This mini pig treat launcher can be used to launch rewards during training sessions.  Great…

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  • mini pig traing b
    Mini Pig Training Bag Hands Free

    Mini pig training bag hands free.  Room for your phone, treats, water, keys while you enjoy a walk or hike with your mini pig.  Mini pig training bag hands…

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  • mini pig kennel cover
    Mini Pig Kennel Cover

    Mini pig kennel cover.  Mini pigs love having their own space.  One way to provide that is by kennel or crate training and covering the kennel.  This provides a…

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  • mini pig sleeping bag
    Mini Pig Sleeping Bag

    Mini pig sleeping bag.  Portable sleeping bag for your overnight adventures.  Camping with your mini pig out in nature or in the living room. This mini pig sleeping bag…

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  • mini pig portable food water
    Mini Pig Portable Food Water

    Mini pig portable food water.  This is great for adventures or walks.  Taking your mini pig out in the community.  You can easily offer water or food.  Mini pig…

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