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  • Mini Pig Training Handbook
    Mini Pig Training Handbook

    Mini Pig Training Handbook: Tricks, Life Skills, and Communication With Your Mini Pig


    •Training Book only, black and white $25
    •Training Book only, full color photos $35
    • Basic Training Bundle…

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  • mini pig trick keys
    Mini Pig Trick Keys

    Mini pig trick keys.  Who doesn’t love a pig that can start the key?  “Get your keys’ is an adorable mini pig trick.  You can learn to teach “get…

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  • Mini pig treat launcher
    Mini Pig Treat Launcher

    Mini pig treat launcher.  Who doesn’t need one?  We all launch a treat occasionally.  This mini pig treat launcher can be used to launch rewards during training sessions.  Great…

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  • mini pig traing b
    Mini Pig Training Bag Hands Free

    Mini pig training bag hands free.  Room for your phone, treats, water, keys while you enjoy a walk or hike with your mini pig.  Mini pig training bag hands…

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  • mini pig scent training tool
    Mini Pig Scent Training Tool

    Mini pig scent training tool.  Mini pigs are excellent at scent training. Item Type: Agility Equipment Origin: Mainland China Description These are some Mini Pig Scent Training Tool, they are a…

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  • mini pig piano
    Mini Pig Piano

    Mini pig piano.  How cute is this piano!!  How much cuter will it be when it’s being played by your mini pig?  You can learn to teach your mini…

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  • mini pig trick keys or remote
    Mini Pig Trick Keys or Remote

    Mini pig trick keys or remote.  Sure to impress your friends!  You can teach your mini pig trick keys or remote.  “Get your keys’, “start your car”, “change the…

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  • Mini pig trick phone
    Mini Pig Trick Phone

    Mini Pig Trick Phone.  You can teach your mini pig to “call dad”, “call mom”, “call for help” etc.  This trick is super cute, and will impress your friends. …

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  • Mini pig sound buttons
    Mini Pig Sound Buttons

    Mini pig sound buttons.  Pre Recorded push to talk buttons for Yes, No, Sorry.  Easy to teach your mini pig how to talk using these prerecorded messages.  Find a…

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  • mini pig training bag
    Mini Pig Training Bag

    Mini pig training bag.  Can be used hands free.  Training treat bag, carry supplies, phone, keys, water bottle.  Great for walks with your mini pigs. Brand Name: Petskd Item Type: Agility…

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  • Target Training
    Target Training

    Target training tool.  You can use these to teach colors or targeting. Mini pigs are great learners.  With the right tools you can create fun tricks and targets to…

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  • Mini pig colors
    Mini Pig Colors Trick

    Mini Pig Colors Trick.  You can use these great colored discs to teach your mini pig colors.  They can also be used to teach stationing or to teach your…

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