Mini Pig Scent Training Tool


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Mini pig scent training tool.  Mini pigs are excellent at scent training.

  • Item Type: Agility Equipment
  • Origin: Mainland China


These are some Mini Pig Scent Training Tool, they are a good tool to add fun to the scent games for your pigs. Made of bite-resistant and harm free aluminum, they can safely be to make interesting nose training for your pig, much fun and practical. These boxes are also easy to clean.


-The owner can hide or put different odors into the box to encourage your pet to sniff them.
-The dog searches for the of the according to the smell, and plays with the empty box.
-With a bright appearance, the scenting training tool is abrasion and bite resistant, practical for use.
-It can be a practical and thoughtful gift to your friends who have pets, and they will be happy.
-Some of the dog activities tools to add fun scent games to your dog’s behaviors and help her harness this untapped power of smell.

10 x Dog Scent Training Boxes



Pigs are incredibly sensitive and intelligent animals. This high level of intelligence can be challenging in a home environment. Pigs require physical and mental stimulation to meet their needs. A busy pig is a happy pig! Keeping a pig contained to a crate or alone in a room all day with no companionship or stimulation is sure to create a bored, agitated, destructive, and possibly aggressive pig. By using activities to enrich their lives (with or without you) you can avoid many unhealthy behaviors while building a better bond with your pig. Enrichment helps to provide the life your pig deserves.

You can learn more about enrichments on the American Mini Pig Association.

If you would like to add trick training to enrich your mini pig’s life, find a course for you here.

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