Mini Pig in Glasses-Paint by Numbers


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Mini pig in glasses.  Paint by numbers.  How fun to have your very own mini pig painted portrait.  Mini pig in glasses is such an amazing design for this paint by numbers kit.

  • Brand Name: Painting Era
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Subjects: Scenery
  • Style: Modern Style
  • is_customized: YES
  • Model Number: HMA Series
  • Combination: One Piece
  • Frame: No
  • Paint Type: Propylene
  • Material: Canvas

Animal enrichment is the process of providing a stimulating environment for your pet. Enrichment is described as improving or enhancing the environment to provide an outlet for natural behaviors and needs through physical and mental challenges. These types of enrichment are used by zoos, sanctuaries, and pet owners worldwide. Enrichment is essential to a healthy and happy pet. You are likely already providing enrichment every day to your pig without realizing it. By understanding pig’s natural behaviors, you can create activities for him to enrich his life and meet his needs.

Pigs are incredibly sensitive and intelligent animals. This high level of intelligence can be challenging in a home environment. Pigs require physical and mental stimulation to meet their needs. A busy pig is a happy pig! Keeping a pig contained to a crate or alone in a room all day with no companionship or stimulation is sure to create a bored, agitated, destructive, and possibly aggressive pig. By using activities to enrich their lives (with or without you) you can avoid many unhealthy behaviors while building a better bond with your pig. Enrichment helps to provide the life your pig deserves.

You can learn more about enrichments on the American Mini Pig Association.

If you would like to add trick training to enrich your mini pig’s life, find a course for you here

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24 colors 30x40cm, 24 colors 40x50cm, 24 colors 50x70cm, 36 colors 30x40cm, 36 colors 40x50cm, 36 colors 50x70cm, 42 colors 30x40cm, 42 colors 40x50cm, 42 colors 50x70cm


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